To be young 

To be young today with free access to the internet and thereby also a lot of pictures and movies - meaning porn, you can adapt a reality distorting image of yourself and of what love and sex really is.

It's important to have a good and solid basic knowledge before entering into this universe of pictures and movies. And it's important to emphasise that it's not reality you are watching when you tune into XXX.

It's essential that you know yourself, and thereby your own boundaries, before you enter into sex and love.

It can be very boundary crossing to discuss how you are feeling with adults in your network and often you barely know it yourself. Feelings can be hard to manage when you are booming with hormones and get a considerable amount of impressions from both the media and you peer group. There can be a pressure upon you expecting you to have a lover or loose your virginity and maybe you do not feel ready for it.

It's important that you do not subdue to peer pressure. You need to feel yourself and genuinely feel if you are ready. 

Maybe you have an early start and you cannot control what is happening to you. The importance of you being present and conscious about the consequenses cannot be emphasised enough.