Working with Evolutionary Light
Manifestation through Light transmissions at Sun and Moon Festivals
For thousands of years people have celebrated festivals associated with yearly cycles. Marking the movement of the sun, moon and the yearly cycles hold immense spiritual importance. There are four events associated with the sun and yang energy and four with lunar, ying energy, influenced by the moon. These eight festivals reflect the stages and functions in our lives and create a balance between the feminine and masculine powers. They are a way of aligning ourselves with the powerful connections and energies that exist between the Earth, the Sun and the Universe.
With the following Light transmissions at sun and moon festivals you can manifest all your ideas, dreams and inspirations. During a Light transmission you will be connected to the Light for 24 hours.
Ying energy

Imbolc - It marks the halfway point through the dark half of the year. It is time for dedication and initiation, celebration of new beginnings and the coming of the new season.
The Light will align our energy bodies to the frequency of the New Year. It will then create the preparation necessary for our plans, ideas and goals to be seeded for the current year.
Beltane - This festival acknowledges the wedding between Heaven and Earth as well as incorporating the feminine and masculine sides of our own individual being.

The Light will support us with our inner growth and the blossoming of our plans.

Lughnasadh/Lammas - This festival represents the time of the first harvest and honouring the life-giving spirit of earth.

The Light will support us with our individual process of accomplishing our inner abundance.

Samhain - This festival symbolises the end of the summer and is the last harvest of the year. This is the time of tranquillity and withdrawal from the outer world. We connect to our own roots and honour our ancestors.

The Light will support us strengthening the access to our inner Being.

Yang energy

Spring Equinox - The Spring Equinox marks the start in the expansion of the sun's power celebrating a passage from darkness to light. Therefore, it symbolises new beginnings, new life and fertility. This is the time to plant new seeds.

The Light will help us with the creation process receiving new ideas, setting new goals and planting the seeds for it which will be manifested later this year.

Summer Solstice - At the summer solstice the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and it is the longest day of the year.

The Light will support us manifesting all our new intentions and goals.

Autumn Equinox - At the Autumn Equinox the sun will begin to decline in its power and the nights will become longer. This is a celebration of our personal harvests.
The Light will support us in the process of acceptance and integration of our own newly created aspects within us.
Winter Solstice - The Winter Solstice is marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

The Light will support us to finish all processes from this year so that we can open ourselves again for new energies.

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