Whether you want to or not it will come to you one day. If it's not already here.

It can be challenging to go through menopause. Once again, your body changes and ideed also your thinking and your values.

Menopause can affect your sex life. For some women it does not make a big difference, while others experience a lacking sex drive, dry vagina, changes to the body, hot flashes and weigth gain or loss.

The good thing about menopause is that you are no longer chasing a man to have kids with. I know you haven't been for many years. However, as long as you are fertile your pituitary emmits signals of reproduction. During menopause this is no longer in focus. Now you are completely free of the hormons which have controlled your life since puberty.

Good tips:

If you suffer from a dry vagina you can use lubrication for intimate use. However I suggest organic cooking oil - and it must be organic.

Hot flashes you should discuss with your doctor or you can buy natural remedies.

Weight gain or loss you need to discuss with your doctor to ensure you are not suffering from other problems.

If your sex drive is suffering, I suggest you see a sexologist.