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Porn addicted

Are you one of those who watch porn every night on TV or on the internet? Alone?

Can't you wait till you are alone so you can watch porn?
Is it difficult for you to have sex with your woman?
Then you could be addicted to porn.

It may be that you do not see yourself as addicted to porn, but if your consumption harms your relationship you need to do something about it. Your woman will feel a low self esteem as she cannot compare with models and porn stars. She will feel that you do not love her anymore. She will become unsure of herself. She will withdraw from you in one way or the other.

It's a fact that addiction is not constant. There is a slow acceleration and that acceleration continues. This means that more wants more. In this context it will begin with ordinary porn which, with time, will become harder and more advanced. It can end with taking your life over.

The reason is addiction.

When something inside you really hurts it can be difficult to draw it out in the open and look at it. We will do anyting to keep it from surfacing - for it means that we must bear the pain and perhaps remember ugly things. However it is so with difficult things that they seek to surface, knocking on the door time and time again. They wish to be resolved.

So, rather than feeling the pain inside, we do something else drastic. We soothe, put a lid on, hide away - we watch porn. It seems so exciting. It absorbs you. It becomes your world. However it has consequenses as all addictions have.

You are not alone. However, nobody talks about it.

Sex and Love addicted

What is that?

  • Are you going around feeling that sex and love occupy all your life - that it takes up too much space?

  • Are you constantly chasing sex as a single or in your relationship? Are you constantly occupied by securing a partner in your life?

  • Are you jumping from one dysfunctional relationship to another, without a break?

  • Do you feel that it is almost an obsession for you to have sex or be in a relationship?

If you have answered yes to one of more of these questions you could be addicted to Sex and Love.