Facts about Sex and Porn 

Facts about sex and lust

  • Women love sex.

  • Men have days without lust.

  • Women who do not feel like having sex must learn to feel themselves and be in their bodies. 

  • Men who do not feel like having sex must learn to  be in their bodies and feel their sexuality. 

  • Women love their men even when the women do not feel like having sex.

  • Men who do not feel like having sex may have a very dominating masculine woman. 

Lust for sex – is it missing?

Both men and women experience a lacking sex drive. It is normal to experience in periods. Changing jobs, work pressure, death or other heavy things, can have great influence on your lust for sex.

Women can experience lacking sex drive by:

  • Pregnancy

  • After giving birth

  • When breast feeding

  • With small children

  • In the menopause

And then there are us who lack sex drive all the time. Are you one of us, don't despair. You are not alone. Books have been written on this subject.

Help can be found:

  • A lost sex drive can be regained.

  • Lacking sex drive can be related to your upbringing or previous relationships. 

  • Men also suffer from a lacking sex drive.

  • It's important to know that we have a basic sex drive which is constant. When the hormon connected to the infatuation has vanished, we return to our basic lust. 

Porn & Lust

Some think that porn can help out a lacking sex drive. Meaning, watch a porn film to feel lust. Yes, it may be you become turned on by watching porn and that is fine - sometimes, as a part your's and your partner's sex life. However, if you need to watch porn to feel like having sex with your partner something has gone wrong. After a while you will risk feeling you have abused yourself, that you have exposed yourself to sexual abuse.

Porn has its place if you want to watch it. It must not replace reality and you must remember that it's actors who are paid to have sex in front of a camera.