Women and Men 

Women and men - are very different. And we need to be different or we will loose the attraction between us. To maintain attraction we need both the masculine and the feminine.

  • Men love to be in the feminine because they themselves are masculine.

  • Women need the masculine to maintain the feminine.

The sexuality of men and women has undergone a massive development through time. Women have become more liberated - we can have orgasms. In fact we've had a period of chasing orgasms. Men have, enforced by the women's liberation, had to adapt to the women who also wanted something from their sex life. However, there has been a tendency that sex has had a focus on the woman's orgasm. Very much. So, men have lost sense of their own sexuality - focusing on her and not himself. Women are responsible for their orgasms themselves. Of course it helps when he is patient with her and help her.