Everyday life 

The times, we are living in right now, are marked by stress and haste. There are many things to do and much is expected of you, by yourselves and indeed by others. The media are filled with how to be a great partner and parent. You need a good carreer and preferably also to make lots of money. The home must be perfect and the children in the right school. You also need the perfect look and a well trimmed body and then you are required to wear the latest fashion. There must be gourmet food and home bake. Friends and family and the social network must also be attended to.

All this take time from your relationship. Evidently, as there is only 24 hours in a day. We simply forget each other in our busy everyday. We are not close and attentive with our partner and then we fall out in the end, or worse, we don't care.
It's important to remember you chose to be in a relationship. And you own it to yourself and your love to look after it. Make some time in the calendar for your partner. Be a little aware a couple of times each day. Go on a weekend trip sometimes - just the two of you. Go out for a meal or to the cinema some evenings.